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Genesis of Cooperatives in Lagos

Co-operative is a native of all nations. All tribes, nations and countries of the world have one type of co-operatives or the other but it has a ubiquitous presence in Africa… in Nigeria. Co-operatives have been with us since time immemorial. It exists in the form of Ajo, Aaro, Owe, Gayya, Adashi, Isisie-Ego, Oha,Utu Ummunna, Isusu and so on cutting across all tribes and races making up the nation. It had been used in our archival history to further political emancipation as in Egba (Abeokuta) with Lisabi and his Egbe Aaro and in Igboland as in the Igwe bu ike movements of those days. However, cooperative does not legally, or formally, start in Nigeria until the passing of the Co-operative Ordinance of 1935, which laid the grand norm for its organization, administration and development. Retired Director of Co-operative Services, Lagos State, Rev. S. Awolalu had pointed out in a lecture sometimes ago that: “The law does not prescribe how a cooperative society should be organized and how it should be managed before registration” This ‘omission’ occurs because the Law comes after the event probably with the hidden intension of the colonial administration to stifle its growth especially its political militancy as in Abeokuta and the ‘Igwe bu ike’ movement, and economic militancy as in Agege Planters Union (APU) founded by a group of cocoa farmers in 1907. The first co-operative society was registered under this Law in 1937 by a Registrar, Major D. F. G. Haig, appointed in 1936.....excepts from Cooperative Culture 0f Lagos by MSBello 

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